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July 2015

Reproduction Woodgrain Dashboard Kits

Mentiplay Leyland is very proud to announce that we are now the exclusive supplier of the reproduction woodgrain dashboard kits for the P76.
Anyone who knows anything about P76's knows that peeling woodgrain has always been a bugbear on the P76 since they were new.
The exact same woodgrain has been sourced and is cut to perfection to ensure your P76 dash fascia is better than new.
Stock is available now for $100 plus postage and packaging for the full kit.
Contact: 0408 918 127/

Jan 2014

Urethane Steering Couplings

Hi Everyone,
After much delay, I finally have in stock Urethane Steering Couplings. I have had these manufactured to replace the cloth coupling that is fitted at the bottom of the Intermediate Steering Shaft.
After 40 years of use and exposure to oil leaks etc, most of the couplings fitted to P76’s will be stuffed.
I have had these Urethane Couplings tested extensively by the company who manufactures them for me, and they are resistant to heat and oil. They suit P76’s fitted both with Power Steering and with unassisted/manual steering.
I have attached a photo to show what they look like.
I have also attached a photo of another product I am currently selling, these are rebuilt gearbox mounts. These are also rebuilt using Urethane, similar to the grade used in the steering couplings but a slightly softer grade to absorb driveline shunt and bumps etc.
The pricing is as follows:
Urethane Steering Couplings: $40 plus $5 postage and packaging
Rebuilt Urethane Gearbox Mounts: $170 plus $10 postage (exchange basis only)
James Mentiplay
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July, 2015
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